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OCD by Neil Hilborn

I don’t know if you have seen this but it might be interesting to have a look at.

Definitely worth a watch! Thanks for sending this in :)

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Hi, my names jake and im living with OCD. I really like this blog and if anybody on here has questions about personal events or help, please feel free to message me.
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hi, I'm just wondering if it would be possible for someone to obsess over the fact that they could be pregnant. I didn't have actual sex, i was involved in sexual activity yes, but i can't get the thought out of my mind that i might be pregnant for some reason from it and i constantly need to check my stomach and "make sure it hasn't grown". theres no chance i am right? i don't know how to stop thinking about it
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Hey there, short answer to the first part of the question is yes it is possible to obsess over that fact that you may be pregnant, you aren’t alone, there are many people that obsess and fear the same thing. ( i am sorry for talking like this and am very sorry if this triggers any one, it is not what i intended) if there was no sperm around the vaginal area or no penetration, there is a very very low chance that you are pregnant, if you period is late this could be due to stress, if it helps you could try a pregnancy test it might help the fears rest for a while.

Some ways that could be helpful to help distract yourself from the thoughts could be: reading, hanging out with friends, watching TV, playing a game, going for a run or excising in general, but distracting is only a temporary stop, there is a chance they will always come back.

Some ways to help easy the thoughts could be: saying it out loud over and over again, writing it out over and over again.

I hope this helps you and helps the fears calm a little, if you have any further question don’t be scared to ask, be safe and stay strong.

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Hello, i could really use some assistance because at this point in time, im very confused about myself bout three months ago my psycologist noticed my anxiety was very connected with my house, and keeping things in order.He said he dosen't understand the issue because while i show a constant need to keep things the way i have placed them, and a terrible fear of losing them, i show none of the ritual signs that'come'with OCD. Im conflicted,should this posssention of order be looked into as ocd?
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From what you’ve described it sounds a little like OCD - there is the compulsion of keeping things the way you placed them, and the intrusive thought/obsession of losing the objects. (more information here) However, it could also be related to stress & anxiety levels. If there was a period of time your house caused you particular stress/anxiety, then that could be how it manifested, and now you associate your house with stress so you keep the need to order things and still have that fear of losing them.
It’s great that you have a psychologist already, and you should definitely talk to them about both possibilities xx

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I just wanted to say thank you for answering questions I have had in the past, I still haven't been able to tell my family I think I have OCD yet, but I was able to tell a friend. I am so glad that you have this blog and help people. :)
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What are your other blogs?
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Main blogs:

Blogs like this one:
PTSD confessions

Side Blogs (anwyn’s):
Recovery/Positivity blog
Fandom blog
Writing Blog

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I take abilify. It's mostly for my depression, but it helps a lot with anxiety as well. I feel ten times better since I've been on it.
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Has anybody here taken Abilify for OCD? My psychiatrist wants me to start it.
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Message in or reply to this if you have xx

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Hey, my psychologist diagnosed me with mild OCD but I'm not sure what kind of behaviour is related to it. I don't have it as bad as most others here I think. Checking number sequences make me anxious (I had to do data-entry, it destroyed me and kept me up at night), setting my alarm can take up to 1,5 hour, worry about locks and think of someone breaking in and worse. I get violent thoughts and urges. Can OCD also go away for a long time and come back? It worsens when I've nothing to think about
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Yes, it can definitely go away and come back again. This is especially dependent on your stress levels - ie. if you are stressed or have high anxiety it can manifest in OCD behaviours/thoughts. Try looking for distraction techniques, and try to keep busy as much as you can. (busy can mean reading a book or it can mean going out for the day with friends - anything that can keep your mind occupied)